Abusive sculptures from the High Middle Ages can be found on numerous churches and non-church buildings, especially in Germany. In these depictions, Jews were associated with pigs, regarded as unclean in Judaism, and defamed in a derogatory manner. There are about a dozen such sculptures in Bavaria, the respective properties belong to different owners.

On the initiative of the State Commissioner against Anti-Semitism, Dr. Spaenle, a round table with representatives of the Jewish communities, the two Christian churches, state institutions and specialised authorities agreed on how to deal with the anti-Semitic defamatory sculptures. All participants agreed not to remove the anti-Semitic depictions, but to describe and clearly evaluate them on the spot. More detailed information – accessible via QR code – is part of the concept, as is the training of staff who offer guided tours of the city and churches.

Using the example of the “Jew’s sow” depiction at Regensburg Cathedral, an information board was coordinated at the suggestion of Dr. Spaenle together with the Jewish community, the diocese of Regensburg, the Free State as owner (represented by the building authority and the State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments) as well as with specialist historians, and is currently in production.

You will soon find the text of the information board on this page, which you can also have read to you.

There will also be additional information on the history of the anti-Semitic depictions, as well as on the Jewish community in Regensburg.